Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Which Wich Now Open in McKinney, Texas

This great location in McKinney, Texas is the newest stop on the Which Wich world tour!   Come try our WICHES at 2890 Craig Drive, McKinney, Texas 75070.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of luck!!! The VIBE is the ticket to success!!
Welcome to the Which Wich? family!!

Brian in Nashville

March 10, 2008 at 7:05 PM  
Blogger Jeff said... have the best sounding store to date with your new BOSE sound system. Keep the Superior VIBE alive in McKinney.

March 15, 2008 at 11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your team for the times to come!! Keep the Vibe alive.

March 17, 2008 at 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can they screw up a sandwich when the instructions are on the bag??????
I was long gone by the time I discovered the error. The owner promised to mail me free coupons WHICH I never saw!
Sad sad wich experience.

August 4, 2008 at 8:33 PM  

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