Monday, July 12, 2010

Congratulations to the Winners of the First-ever Flag Your Bag Contest

The “likes” are in, and congratulations are in order for Caroline Kohler Radtke, Dan Gremminger, and Bhavna Sharma, who came in first, second, and third in the inaugural Which Wich Flag Your Bag contest. (Pictured, left to right: Caroline, Bhavna, and Dan.) Grand prize winner Caroline, a graphic designer by trade, says she loved this contest because it got her back to her roots: drawing with pencils, pens, markers, chalk, and, of course, Sharpies! She says the design popped into her head one day while she was running. “I rely on my running for two things,” she says. “My sanity and good design ideas.”
For the Which Wich Flag Your Bag contest, guests were asked to draw their best patriotic doodles on the backs of their sandwich bags and upload pictures of the bags to our Facebook wall. We were blown away by the quality and creativity of the submissions! The competition was fierce, but it was all for a good cause (and we’re not just talking about gift cards, people): to say thank you to the U.S. troops who protect our freedom every day. The winning bags—and all others gathered from our more than 100 stores—will be sent overseas in a care package filled with cookies, brownies, and Wich Krispies. Thank you to all of the “artists” who participated and to those of you who voted. And best wiches to the troops!

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