Thursday, July 1, 2010

Which Wich Double Meat Wicked® Gets Nicknamed "Lockjaw"

The votes are in, and the Which Wich double-meat Wicked has a new name: Lockjaw. The Wicked made sandwich history--and national headlines--when customer Chad Ettmueller dislocated his jaw while trying to bite into the behemoth at the Which Wich store in Cumming, Georgia, this past March. In response, Which Wich launched a campaign on its website to unofficially renamed the monster wich. LockJaw was the winner.

No doubt Ettmueller has been a good sport. He and his friends and family did a special reenactment on YouTube, and he's done about 60 radio interviews so far. Just today he did a follow-up interview with AOL. In fact, Ettmueller is so in love with Which Wich, he's thinking about opening a franchise.

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