Thursday, July 23, 2009

Which Wich Now Open In Carlsbad, CA

Which Wich in Carlsbad, CA has just opened and is already packing in the crowds.  This is Which Wich's fourth location in Southern California and we look forward to many more!  1935 Calle Barcelona, Unit 172, Carlsbad, CA 92009.  


Blogger Name: Andrew S. said...

The more the better!

July 24, 2009 at 1:46 AM  
Blogger Steve Cerruti said...

I love innovative user interfaces, not just user interfaces on computer software, but user interfaces on electronics devices and mechanical objects from cars to can openers. But I also like when businesses innovate their user interfaces.

Sandwich shops abound. For the most part they subsist on location, brand recognition and loyalty programs. After all, a sandwich is pretty much a sandwich. There are specialty sandwich shops which have a preset number of sandwiches, typically named after local celebrities or locations, and there are run of the mill and chain sandwich shops that may offer base sandwiches, but really allow you to build the sandwich from the ground up selecting toppings during the process.

The old model of ground up sandwich making is plagued by inefficiency. The sandwich artist forced to wait at each step of sandwich making for the customer to provide direction and unable to plan for the end product because the requirements were not completed when designs began. Customers stare at tubs of white cheese being asked to pick with little knowledge whether the provolone is round or square or consider a tub of diced peppers wondering whether they were jalapeños or serranos. If you are a computer user, like me, you find this cumbersome

On my first visit to Which Wich in the Carlsbad Forum I found a new twist on this build to suit model. Customers create orders themselves on preprinted sandwich bags that take them through the sandwich construction process. The advantages are numerous; the customer can take as much or as little time as he likes creating his sandwich because he is not holding up the line, there is less likelihood of a sandwich being built out of spec because of a communication error, additional cost items are clearly disclosed and the sandwich builder knows at the outset what will be going on the sandwich increasing build efficiency and decreasing aggregate customer wait times. They also have a flat pricing model with most sandwiches offered at the same price and only a few upgraded items.

If prefer ordering at Burger King electronic kiosks over ordering at the counter because of the clearly spelled out menu options then you owe it to yourself to give Which Wich a try and experience their innovative user interface experience.

OK, how can you do a restaurant review without talking about the food? I love food, especially free food, but really most food. I ordered the “Wicked” which is there signature sandwich sporting 5 meats and your choice of 3 cheeses. I found the sandwich to be a bit salty, but that was probably the massive amount of meat and my choice of toppings. I will definitely go back and try something a bit more simple.

What I liked best was the size of their sandwich. I am tired of places giving you a giant roll with a skimpy piece of meat and a single translucent piece of cheese. I am a huge bread fan, but on a sandwich the bread is a canvas that should support the work of art built above it. Which Wich’s bread was toasted excellently and was the right amount to provide a solid structure for the other ingredients without getting in the way. The sandwich held together beautifully and was evenly constructed.

August 12, 2009 at 4:23 PM  

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