Sunday, October 5, 2008

Which Wich Voting VIBES

Which Wich VIBES (the circular graphic icons on our walls) are an important component to our concept.  The VIBES vary by location, some depict local teams or community interests, others are universal signs such as the musical note and the peace sign.  

To add even more interaction to your Which Wich experience, we've recently introduced dueling "voting VIBES" at the original Which Wich location in downtown Dallas.  Voting VIBES depict two graphics separated by a WHICH question.  A corresponding stamp on the back of our sandwich bags allows customers to vote for the choice they prefer, or enter their own OTHER option.  A ballot box is featured in the store where customers leave their completed bags, and therefore cast their vote.  For example, our first dueling VIBES depict the presidential candidates.  We'll post the results of your votes on this blog on election day.  

Look for the voting VIBES to allow you to vote for your favorite teams come playoff and SuperBowl season and much more.  Visit participating Which Wich locations and let your vote be heard!  


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