Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beyond The Bag--Second Edition

Which Wich fans:

Here's another unofficial, off-the-bag, secret creation for you to try.  We're calling it the Nacho Wich.  Here's how to make it....

1) Choose the "vegetarian" category bag
2) Check "black bean patty"
then add these selections:
3) cheez whiz
4) jalapenos
5) salsa
6) avocado
7) black olives


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wearing The Which Wich Vibe

Joel Caram, who won Employee of the Year at our Oklahoma University location, shows us his new customized VANS (compliments of WW for winning Employee of the Year).  "It was great to get the employee of the year award," Joel says. "I love the Which Wich concept and the uniqueness of it.  I am proud to be one of the first employees of the first Which Wich location in the state of Oklahoma."  Kudos to Joel and our other winners...wear the vibe with pride!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Which Wich Selects "Bag of the Year"

Which Wich just selected our first annual "Bag of The Year" from the thousands of bags that customers create and hang on our community walls.  We asked our WW operators to send us the most creative bags displayed at their locations during the past year. From these finalists, the WW corporate staff voted on the bag that best promoted the Which Wich VIBE. The winning bag, featured here, came to us from one of our Nashville, Tennessee locations.  It will be framed and displayed on our Bag of The Year Wall of Fame.  

Don't forget to hang your creations on our community could be next year's winner!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Which Wich's Super Day at Super Bowl

While the New York Giants had a super day on the field at Super Bowl XLII, the Glendale Arizona Which Wich had a super day right outside the stadium!  The location sold more wiches in one day than any other Which Wich location to date.  Congrats to the awesome WW Glendale Arizona team!

And congrats to Eli Manning and the entire New York Giants team for their incredible, come-from-behind victory.  Wow.  Nice catch Tyree! 

Which Wich Managers' Summit

Thanks to all the Which Wich team members who attended our 2008 Managers' Summit!  Your positive vibes helped make it a SUPERIOR event.  We look forward to the next one...